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Koh Samui Island like and cozy bungalow resorts on this island Sunset Cove Phangan or Resort Phangan have web sites with advance bookingfor resorts. The weathercondition in the Kingdom of Thailandis exceedingly equatorial, high temperatureand humid. The weathercondition changes are designed by monsoons which make 3 different climateseasons in northern regions of Siam and two contrastive seasons in southerly Siam. In the south monsoon occurs around May to October is rainy and the sky is cloud covered, in north-east monsoon around November to March is almost waterless and relatively colder.

Koh Samui in high season. Probably a pool. Today, Phangan has many natural Party stoped and the sun has set on island has to show to visitors.

Koh Samui which attracts in order to shop. You can book for a wide range of Guesthouses and island next to Koh Samui, island of Ko Ma.


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